Hiab Lift

Hiab Lift Services for Hire Throughout the UK

London 0207 183 6533 - Birmingham 0121 285 0833
Manchester 0161 850 1833 - Liverpool 0151 329 2933

Hiab Lifting Services

Our Hiab hire services allow us to pick up virtually any type of load from any location and take it where and when you want.

With specialist hiab lifting gear on every vehicle we can perform:

  • Machinery transport
  • Long Load Transport
  • Genertors transport
  • Palletised Plant Transport
  • Rail Equipment movement
  • Porta Cabin transport
  • Mobile Home transport
  • Container transport
  • Factory Relocation
  • Heavy Loads
  • Abnormal Loads
  • Printing Machine Transport
  • Concrete Piling Rig Transport
  • Plant Movement


What is a Hiab

A Hiab is more than just a manufacturer of cranes that operates on the back of a van, a truck or a pickup, hiab has become a generic term for any form of lifting equipment fitted onboard a vehicle involved in transportation.

Hiab has also lent its name to all forms of "Hiab "Hire" services; transport services that involve goods being self loaded and offloaded.

Hiab lifting and hiab hire have become more and more popular as the new breed of hiab transport is able to pick up nearly anything from nearly any location no matter how hard or inaccessible.